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Have you been stuck on the yo-yo diet roller coaster?  Have you not been able to release the weight for good? The reason lies much deeper than you think.

Have you been on every diet known to man? Have you lost and gained more weight than you ever want to think of? Do you feel hopeless about ever being able to win this senseless, merciless battle? There is SO much information out there about what food is good for you and what food is bad for you and it seems as though every year another food that was glorified as “Good for You” is now on the “Naughty list.” So after you have exercised your little heart out and cut out this and that and counted calories and weighed your food and every time you end up with the same or more weight after you are done with your last diet. Now you feel even more defeated and hopeless, and “Oh Yeah”, you can hurl a few more insults at yourself while you are at it! Does that sound about how this goes? Perhaps you have even begun to look up having surgery. And for some people that is the answer. For many, they end up gaining weight again after surgery all over again. So after seeing this happen repeatedly to people I know, I thought to myself, “There is definitely a missing link here.”

After I went through my own major transition in life where I made huge life altering changes to my life I had an epiphany!

Just like that, a switch went off in my brain and I lost my life long sugar addiction. I stopped eating emotionally. I naturally reduced my portion sizes (because I was no longer eating emotionally) and craved healthier foods, and NOW the pounds literally melted off of me. Forty pounds and, as of this writing, 5 years later, I have maintained a healthy weight without any troubles

whatsoever. What were those life altering changes I made, you ask? I quit a dead end job and started my private practice so I would be in control of my schedule and spend more time with my son who was a toddler at the time, I managed to get through some very difficult financial strains during this change over during the housing bubble, and I let go of a 22 year marriage after it became obvious that there was no life left in the relationship. I did a LOT of soul searching and therapy. The conclusion was, that I was now living my life on my terms. I was healing deep, old wounds and as a result of this, no longer needed to “hold on” to the extra weight to “protect me.”

Now under NO circumstance will I EVER tell you to quit your job or get a divorce! What I WILL do is identify what is holding YOU back from living the life you want to live in 9 transformational sessions. In addition, you will be added to a nutritional program that for 30 days eliminates foods that tend to be allergenic. This will start you down the path of eating clean healthy natural foods that will nourish your body so your body feels healthy. As part of the program you will go through a gentle detox so your body can get rid of the inflammation that is the cause of all major diseases and also holds on to the extra weight. The focus of this nutritional program is to restore gut health as this is also known as our “Second Brain.” Ninety percent of our immune system and 90% of our serotonin, which is associated with our mental health and necessary to reduce anxiety and depression, is created in our gut. Click on the images below to view TLS and Isontonix products:

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