Frequency Therapy

We all know that everything is energy and energy has a frequency that vibrates at different levels. Frequency has been used many years in many ways. Now there is a small device that you are able to use on a daily basis to maintain/prevent and treat your physical and mental health. With the full range of 144,000 frequencies there are programs to support you with reducing and ending pain (chronic and acute), hormonal balance, sleep, mental balance, and many more. Recover quickly from physical injuries (add pictures of David’s leg and cut on finger).

Some of my personal experiences with frequency therapy are the few times I have back pain from the degenerate disk I have in my lower back, it is gone in less than the 20 minutes the local pain program takes to run. Deeper and better sleep. Anti-aging effects in reduced sagging skin, more energy when I feel tired. When I was feeling as though my body was fighting something as though I was coming down with something, I ran multiple micro-current programs that day and the next day I was back to normal and never missed a beat.

Other people have dissolved their anxiety. When you go to our Facebook group you will see many more people sharing their experiences using this device.

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I provide frequency therapy for clients who are interested both in person and over distance. All that is required to provide distance frequency therapy is a photo of your face, date of birth and place of birth. The results you saw of my son were from distance healing.

I also do aura scans and aura alignment sessions with this device. For an aura scan and alignment I also do a consultation after the alignment to help you use the results to move forward in your progression.

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