Financial Wellness

Your financial situation impacts your mental health tremendously.

For many people money is a stressor. Many couples argue about money. In order to get ahead and build a home that feels like a good place to raise your kids and feel safe. This comes with 30 year mortgages, car loans, often added to that you have credit card debt and so many people have accumulated huge college loans that they are saddled with for decades.

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It is really hard to get ahead carrying a load like that. So how do you solve this issue?

Do you put all your money in to paying off debt and not have a life for the next 30 years?

Do you refinance and roll it all into one big loan?

What if I told you that I found something (a tool) that puts you back in charge of your financial health AND out of debt in 1/2 to 1/3 of the scheduled time without having to forego living life?

Well I have 2 new mortgages and one I was half way through paying (7 years left of a 15 year mortgage) and other credit card debts as well as a car loan. When my partner and I were first going to enter our finances into the program we looked at each other with dread in our eyes. It looked like we had just chained ourselves to the bank and we were not going to have a life for the next 30 years.

Two hours later we were ecstatic! The program uses strategic payoff to calculate how to shave off interest off of your loans. We were going to be paid off in 9 years!!! A month later I changed jobs where I was going to make 3-4 x as much as I was and now the program is guiding us to payoff in 5 years!

Does this sound too good to be true? I get that a lot. I said a loud and resounding YES to financial freedom and we have gained so much confidence having this tool to empower us and give us the freedom we want in our life.

Watch these short videos to see how it works.


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