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EMDREye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a particular form of therapy that helps disrupt negative memories that keep you stuck in negative behavior patterns. Fortunately not everyone has experienced extreme neglect or trauma, however, we have all experienced being humiliated, feeling rejected, unimportant, having our emotions hurt one way or another and all of these incidences are what we call “little t-trauma” that “help” reinforce the negative beliefs we have created in our minds usually from childhood experiences. These negative beliefs (negative cognitions as we call them in EMDR) lead to automatic responses every time we get “triggered” and we react in ways that is not authentic to who we are now or how we WANT to respond.

Most people I work with are able to process through specific incidents that are the root cause of their anxiety/depression/anger in 1-3 sessions per incident. Once these incidences have been properly dealt with, people find they are much calmer, able to focus, sleep better, set healthy boundaries with others in all arenas of their lives and those past incidences that used to cause so much pain, are no longer a trigger for them.

Here you can see a brain scan from two different angles. The red area shows unhealthy over activity in the brain. Now notice the two images on the right taken after EMDR Therapy. The red is almost totally gone.

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