Anxiety, fear, depression, anger, and PTSD usually is caused by events that were frightening or where you felt as though you were in danger, or went through something that was either physically painful (such as a medical procedure) or emotionally painful (a break up with a loved one.) Sometimes a single event will begin to disrupt your daily life such as not being able to focus at your job or having “obsessive” thoughts about the person or incident and it feels as though you cannot change gear to think about anything else. You may have difficulty sleeping. You may start avoiding people, places, and activities. You may lash out in anger, be irritable, and cry “for no reason.” You may feel antsy and suddenly have anxiety or panic attacks.


Whether you are experiencing this for the first time, seemingly out of the blue, or it has been ongoing for years, it is bubbling up in this manner because of something that has not been resolved. You may believe that you have gotten over it and that it is over and done with, however, your body is telling you “it ain’t over yet!”

The beauty of this is that you are not stuck with this awful feeling for the rest of your life and you do not have to be on medication for the rest of your life either. In fact, I recommend you first come and see me as I consistently am able to identify and then resolve what is causing all of this “yuck” to come up in 1-3 sessions per incident. This is why I work in packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions.


People return after a couple of sessions being able to sleep for the first time ever. Destructive urges such as wanting to act out sexually outside of the marriage are squelched. People are able to relax and find peace and calm within. They are able to drive on the highway for the first time without even thinking about it. They are no longer angered by things that used to cause them to feel anger or rage which leads to feeling empowered and back in control of themselves again. These are all examples of clients I have worked with and the stories keep coming.

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