From Surviving Breast Cancer to Thriving/Personal Training Part 3

Surviving and Thriving after Breast Cancer: An interview with breast cancer thriver Angelyn Rhode!

I met Angelyn Rhode through a personal development group called “I am 50 Million”. They focus on personal growth through personal training and improv and so charity work. When I read the people they were quoting such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, etc. I thought, “This is the group for me.” I have met many wonderful new friends in this organization including Angelyn. Her personal victory over cancer is powerful and one to share with the world.

Angelyn was only in her early 20’ies when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to her young age and the type of cancer she had it was obvious that she needed a double mastectomy or the cancer would most likely return. Also due to her young age it was recommended that reconstructive plastic surgery was performed during the mastectomy surgery all at once. The type of reconstructive surgery that was recommended was one where the lymph node muscle would be wrapped around her chest to help support the implants. She was told that this type of surgery was brutal. As Angelyn discovered, they were not lying! It WAS brutal! “My mother couldn’t watch me because I was in so much pain.” For an entire month Angelyn had to sleep on the couch surrounded by pillows at a 90 degree angle and walking was almost impossible.

Physical therapy post surgery was not required. She was informed that her movements would come back naturally. Angelyn was given a brochure with some exercises to do on her own. She was unable to rotate her arms because of the chemo ports. At the time, she was working at Disney which was a very physical job as a performer. Her body felt very different with no sensation in the chest area and numbness on the sides due to the muscle being moved to around her chest. One day in warm ups when she was back at work, they were supposed to do push ups. Now before the surgery push ups had been a challenge, however, now she was completely unable to do any because the muscle was not where it was supposed to be in her body. Many movements were and felt very different for her and was impossible or difficult for her to do.

One year ago (and 3 years post surgery) she went to check out the “I am 50 Million” group. She went to the Saturday work out at Red Bug Lake Park and went through the work out. The next day she was so sore. That particular day Carlos Marrero led the work out. After that, master personal trainer, Dane Marrero took over the group. Angelyn kept coming to the work outs and she felt sore but felt better and also really enjoyed the social aspects of the group making new friends in a different environment. Then Fit Club started within the 50 Million group. “It was very scary doing one on one training even though they were my friends.” As Angelyn stuck with the group, Dane engaged in conversation with Angelyn about what her circumstances were and how different movements affected her body. Dane took the time to get to know Angelyn and her situation. He never gave her an exercise she could not do. Instead he found exercises and modified them to what she was capable of doing while still pushing her a little farther along the way. And little by little she got better.  By November of last year she was feeling so good and realized her clothes were loose!!!

Last month during the Saturday exercises Dane asked her to demonstrate an Australian row. This year it was easy for her to do and suddenly she remembered that last year at the very first meeting she attended, they had done this exercise as well. And a year ago she needed assistance to complete the exercise!

“So many people give excuses such as knee issues to NOT exercise yet I am physically and mentally in such a great place 4 years later because of working out with Dane. It is incredible to see how far I have come.”

Congratulations Angelyn for not only surviving but THRIVING post cancer. Physical disabilities can be overcome or at least reduced when working with a knowledgeable trainer such as Dane Marrero. This helps increase self-esteem while reducing anxiety and depression that frequently comes after surgery and surviving a life threatening illness.

Dane Marrero is the personal trainer who is part of the new program we are starting in 2015 called “The 6 Pillars of Health.” He will be having a workshop in January talking about how to create a special work out program for your particular brain chemistry and you will walk out of the workshop with your own training program.

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