Time to unplug from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, nourish your soul, and find your bliss. We will spend the day at Sacred Escape Retreat Center on the intra-coastal across the street from the beach near Marineland. There will be 2 massage therapists available for chair massages certain times of the day.

Pamper yourself with

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath played by Certified Sound Therapist Jill Jordan

  • Qi Gong Empowerment Breathe exercises

  • Explore grounding and heart opening practices

  • Make your very own sugar scrub to take home

Walk the labyrinth on site


6 Pillars of Health

The 6 Pillars of Health is about personal transformation and creating the life you want. We encourage holistic health and a balanced life style. The 6 Pillars of Health focus on the areas of emotional, physical, financial, nutritional, spiritual health and creating legacy. Are you looking for more joy in your life? More peace? To make deeper connections with people with whom you resonate? Would you like to re-invent yourself or even find yourself again?

I started this group to create a forum where like-minded people can come together and learn from each other and give each other support to become who they truly are capable of becoming. I have gathered, and continue to gather, experts from the 6 pillars who once a month present on a topic from one of the pillars.


Topics for Speeches and Workshops

Each of these topics can also be turned into workshops custom designed for your group or event. I make them interactive as this enhances the experience making it more memorable and fun. I can design the workshops to focus on specific issues and groups of people who may be experiencing challenges at work and in their private lives.

How trauma affects the human brain
Stress management
Communicating for effectiveness
Living your Fullest Life
Facing Your Fear and Do It Anyway
Anger management
Domestic Violence, the effects on the family & safety planning
How to Best Manage Your Anxiety
What Do You Do when Your Loved One is an Addict
What Do You Do When Your use of Alcohol or Drugs is Becoming a Problem
For more information please contact Karin Weiri-Kolle, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at 386-492-0778 or use our handy contact form.

About Karin

Karin Weiri-Kolle has 16 years of experience in counseling and coaching people to create a life that is in line with whatthey truly want in life. She graduated from University of Florida with her B.S. in psychology in 1995 and her Master’s degree in Marriage &